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Revelation Editor
Current version: 0.8.3

This application lets you make changes to your Myst IV - Revelation saved games. You can use it to skip a puzzle or a speech. Revelation Editor is also a powerful node viewer that displays not only the cube pictures but also most of what you see in the game.

Also available:
- Cube Viewer
- Myst III Alt-Tab Patch
- Myst III - music player
- Myst IV - music player

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Notable locations:

Tomahna (night):

Name Location
Elevator Zone: Exterior
Node: 290
Crystal viewer Zone: Observatory
Node: 41
Fireplace Puzzle Zone: Atrus' bedroom
Node: 30
Bookshelf Puzzle Zone: Yeesha's bedroom
Node: 30
Family tree Zone: Gardens
Node: 130-131
Linking sphere Zone: Linking chamber
Node: 10
Serenia book 1 Zone: Exterior
Node: 270
Serenia book 2 Zone: Atrus' study
Node: 90


Name Location
Shipwreck Puzzle Zone: Shipwreck
Node: 40, 70, 80, 100
Mangree Puzzle Zone: Mangrees area
Node: 71
Gate Puzzle Zone: Forest
Node: 150-151
Totem Puzzle Zone: Lakehouse
Node: 10
Camoudile Puzzle Zone: South Forest
Node: 80
Creature Puzzle / Final joyride Zone: South Forest
Node: 170-171
Parasail Zone: Linking chamber
Node: 190


Name Location
Garden console Zone: Middle level
Node: 70
Docking station console Zone: Middle level
Node: 230
Nearest island console Zone: Nearest island
Node: 130
Frequency Locks Puzzle Zone: Spider chair
Node: 90
Tuning Puzzle Zone: Spider chair
Node: 110
Final joyride Zone: Bomb Factory
Node: 70
Docking station circuit board

Zone: Middle level
Node: 202

Nearest island circuit board Zone: Nearest island
Node: 151


Name Location
Irrigation Puzzle A Zone: Age entrance
Node: 70

Irrigation Puzzle B

Zone: Stone forest
Node: 200
Irrigation Puzzle C Zone: Stone forest
Node: 160
Irrigation Puzzle D Zone: Root chamber
Node: 120
Dream World Puzzle Zone: Memory chamber
Node: 240

Bathysphere Puzzle

Zone: Old memory chamber
Node: 250
Workshop Puzzle Zone: Old memory chamber
Node 60-61-62
Yeesha Puzzle Zone: Old memory chamber
Node: 310, 320
Guide assignment Zone: Hall of spirits
Node: 50
The choice Zone: Old memory chamber
Node: 210

Tomahna (day)

Name Location
Atrus Puzzle Zone: Observatory
Node: 30-31
Power Puzzle Zone: Gardens
Node 110-111
Waterwheel Zone: Exterior
Node: 140
Yeesha's joyride Zone: Exterior
Node: 10
Family tree Zone: Gardens
Node: 130-131


Myst IV - Revelation installed or DVD 1 inserted.
Demo versions are also supported.