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Version 1.3: (2019-04-13)
- Fixed the player not producing any sound when manually selecting the root Myst III folder.
- Fixed Windows 10 compatibility issues.
- Improved game detection.
- Removed usage of CoreFoundation (Windows only).
- Ported to Linux.
- Added 64 bit macOS version.

Version 1.2: (2013-09-28)
- Fixed a crash happening at midnight in the macOS version.
- Updated the link to the website in the About box.
- Added two new tracks.
- Slightly tweaked some of the endless tracks.
- Added keyboard controls.
- The text box displaying the name of the current track is now emptied when the track is stopped.

Version 1.1b (macOS only): (2012-11-11)
- Fixed Mountain Lion compatibility issues.

Version 1.1a (macOS only): (2011-11-09)
- Fixed Lion compatibility issues.

Version 1.1: (2010-11-12)
- Ported to macOS.
- Fixed the title of the About box.
- Fixed an error in one of the songs from Voltaic.
- Shortened silent time.
- Added new Auto advance feature.
- Added new icon/logo.
- Fixed a bug happening when using the pause button.
- Spelling and grammar corrections (Thanks to Ron Hayter)
- Fading sounds should resume correctly.
- One song has been renamed.

Version 1.0.1: (2010-03-01)
- Fixed a bug in the internal timer causing it to warp to an extreme value.
- Added a button to the website in the About box.

Version 1.0: (2009-12-25)
- Initial release.